Testimonials: What our clients say

What Our Clients Say About Our Services

“As always, thanks for your expertise! This is so emotional for us, and you are the voice of reason.”

– Susan S.


“Your warmth and understanding touched me and my father.”

– Marc H.


“ How lucky we are to have you in our corner! It is a boon and a blessing!”

– Kim S.


“I would recommend your firm and your team member to anyone similarly in a care facility and a bit overwhelmed by all of the changes.”

– Stu M.


“ You put me on the right path and also gave me other contacts on this journey for myself and my family member.”

– LaQuata P.


“Thank you for handling the assessment so quickly and so professionally.”

– Lana H.


“ I couldn’t recommend you or your services more highly. The way you handled things from beginning to end was perfect!”

– Chuck D.


“ I can’t thank you enough for your support. You were the one over the years who truly helped me through this. You taught me so much!”

– Debra M.


“ You have been superb with my client, in both your care for him as well as your communication with us.”

– Deirdre B.


“ You do excellent, compassionate work.”

– Robin S.


“ If we didn’t have you, we wouldn’t know what to do. You are an invaluable part of our mother’s care.”

– Callie F.


“ You helped to make all of those transitions easier and we are forever grateful for your expertise and the kindnesses you showed us. You have truly been a jewel!”

– Margie B.


“ You anticipate our needs and offer help in the kindest manner.”

– Kate P.


“Looking back on 2018, thank you so much for your help and support. I am very grateful and happy to put in a very good word for you and Ferretto Eldercare.”



“I want to take a minute to express how happy my wife and I are with the assistance provided by Betsy. Her knowledge of assisted living facilities, nursing care facilities, and insurance companies is amazing.  She jumps right in with suggestions as well as contacting the right people for us. She always gets back to us in a timely manner. She has taken a big burden off of me.”



“My wife and I both want you to know that you have rendered us a very valuable service. Stephanie was tireless in pursuing possible rentals and helping our family members get ready to move. Her reporting to us was prompt, clear, and concise. Thank you for your assistance to us in a very difficult time. We will be sure to contact you in the future should the need arise.”

-Bill and Faith


“You have helped all of our family through this very difficult time, by making your help available at a moment’s notice. I pray for a rewarding, happy, and peaceful journey for Jeanne and yourself.”



“Mary Faith was extremely sympathetic and well-versed with my father-in-law’s condition. She was able to provide me with contacts for sitters and eldercare attorneys. She also walked through some very helpful websites- it was really a plethora of useful knowledge. She was extremely compassionate to my situation and questions which made more of an impact with me and my husband. She put me on the right path and gave me other contacts on this journey for myself and my family.”



“I highly recommend Ferretto Eldercare Consulting. Mary Faith was a godsend to me and my siblings as we faced many challenges as my mother transitioned from living independently to assisted living. My mother’s safety and health were always top priority. During such an overwhelming time, Mary Faith continued to provide support and always anticipated our needs, while maintaining her professionalism and compassion every step of the way. Mary Faith’s expertise is superior. I have since recommended Ferretto Eldercare to a friend of mine who was extremely satisfied as well.”



“My daughter, a resident of Amsterdam, hired you to help me with various tasks. You have been an excellent facilitator. I would recommend your firm to anyone similarly situated in a nursing home, and a bit overwhelmed by all the life changes.”



“Thank you for all your research and time you’re devoting to our family. You have come up with some ideas that we hadn’t thought of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”



“You are wonderful. Thank you for all you are doing for my family. You are great. You guys are a blessing.”



“If I were ever to come into contact with somebody needing the kinds of services you provide in the Baltimore area, I’d be delighted to send them in your direction.”



“David is highly effective in dealing with my son. He is patient, gentle, and understanding. We are appreciative.”



“As always thank you for your expertise!  This is so emotional for us, and you are the voice of reason.”



“You have been wonderful and really helped our family to navigate the stormy waters of institutionalization for our mother. We greatly appreciate your kind and supportive help.”



“You and your team are wonderful! Your consideration and work made my mother’s and my life bearable at such a trying time.”

–  Ron


“You were kind, conscientious, and filled with good ideas. I am anxious to visit the facilities that you suggested. It is nice to know that you are out there.”



“I have used Ferretto Eldercare several times. First, for my father-in-law who suffered from Alzheimer’s. They did a comprehensive assessment and gave us recommendations for home care, then eventually assisted living.  We basically took their recommendations and ran with them. We used them again for my dad. They gave us resources and information for adult day care while he was still living at his home. Lastly, I had power of attorney for my neighbor who was failing. FEC did a comprehensive assessment with recommendations and follow-up as needed. It was a very tough situation as I was not family. They gave me ideas on how to proceed with integrity.”

– Dotsie

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