When to Seek Care Management

You know you will need a care manager when:

  • Recent hospitalization requires close monitoring after discharge to prevent re-hospitalization.
  • You don’t know where to start to find resources and services for an impaired loved one
  • Family or decision-makers are here, but loved one is out of town
  • Loved one needs support to maintain independence
  • There are multiple diagnoses, which complicate decision-making
  • Need an outside objective person to present unbiased options and recommendations
  • Family members disagree about next steps
  • Could do a lot with a “road map” and some “short-lists”
  • Caregiver is very stressed and overwhelmed, or having health-related issues also as a result of the burden of caregiving-Affects sleep, appetite, mood, relationships, etc.“Dropping balls”
  • Struggling with balancing safety/ health, and independence
  • Loved one refuses help
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